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Friday, May 13, 2011

The Menu

Folks have been asking what our menu was for the first gig we did last week. While we have been posting some of the drinks and their history so far, we thought it might be a good idea to post the menu as a whole. We will continue to profile the drinks until they have all been presented, then we hope to hear from you what you enjoy and what is in your liquor cabinet, or top shelf, or fire place.

So here is our menu

Photos: T.J. McLachlan

We are very pleased with this menu, and found that the guests at the party loved it, too. We made every drink on the menu, some way more than most, and one we made the most of quite easily.

Looking at the menu, what do you think were the top 3 drinks chosen? Which one do you think was chosen only one time?

Please post your comments/questions and we will let you know who is closest!

I wish we had a prize; perhaps the person who guesses correctly can enjoy a few drinks on us if and when you find yourself in Alberta.


The Volstead Act Craft Cocktail Service


  1. Being a girl, i'm going to say El Presidente, Blinker and Hemingway were the top three because the colours are visually appealing and Tamarindo was the least chosen. These drinks look awesome guys! Love the blog.

  2. Great guess! We will let you know how close you are soon. Glad you enjoy the blog!

  3. Before the big event, I chose: 1) Blinker, 2) Gimlet and 3) Hemingway (I think - I kinda' forget my third).

  4. The records reflect that you, Rachael, chose
    1) Blinker, 2) Gimlet, 3) El Presidente.

    Jeremy chose the Hemingway
    Andrew chose the Tamarindo as his third horse
    TJ chose the Petrucio as his third

  5. Check out the menu in the large format here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/28234612/menu.pdf

  6. Oh, yes. El Presidente. I only remember my third choice as "Cora's favorite."