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Two friends with a shared love for Classic Cocktails, paying homage to the pre-prohibition era. We do parties!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Volstead Act Craft Cocktail Service

photo: Library of Congress

Welcome to The Volstead Act Craft Cocktail Service! We are glad you have found your way here. For some time now, the two of us - Andrew Borley and Jeremy Bouw - have been developing our love for Classic Cocktails, excellent flavour, and sharing this love with our family and friends.

Word of our appreciation for cocktails spread throughout our friends and workplaces, and not too long ago we were asked to bartend a 40th birthday party, which we are very excited about.

Given this opportunity, we decided to brand our service and create a few platforms for friends, family, and potential clientele to use to get to know more about us, our love for Classic Cocktails, and what we think we have to offer.

We have named our business The Volstead Act Craft Cocktail Service. We wanted to honour our affinity for the pre-prohibition era and thought what better way than to name ourselves after the Republican who dared to take away the citizenry's access to alcohol. Andrew Volstead was an American member of the United States House of Representatives from Minnestoa, 1903 - 1923, and a member of the Republican Party. His name is closely associated with the National Prohibition Act of 1919, usually called the Volstead Act. The act was the enabling legislation for the enforcement of national prohibition beginning in 1920 (Thank you, Wikipedia...).

So we raise our glasses to Andrew Volstead and take a sip of the fine spirits we know and love.


  1. My top choice for names. Glad it stuck. I'll claim stock if it's successful and pass if it's not.